Spotlight on Peniche's Local Artists

Peniche has attracted over the years quite a handful of creatives, making it a hub not only for surfing and delicious culinary treats, but also incredibly underrated artists. We wanted to shine a light on a handful of our favourite local artists you need to be introduced to.


The Portuguese surfer Lizzy started developing her own illustration work in 2013, bringing to life flowy, colourful and minimalistic designs that she like to call “Soul & Surf” illustration. Her prints are bohemian inspired and blend ethnical colors and patterns, american indian representations,  geometric figures, retro surf iconography and classic surf movements. They can be found on everything from posters and post cards, to surf board tops and street walls across the world.

“ I see surf as a way for the spiritual and self improvement, and the Ocean my great master. The ocean teaches me, and what I draw is a consequence of what I learned from it. Drawing is my way of sharing my truths.”


Flahica is a brand of locally and handmade surf bags founded by Ines Catarino. Featuring beautiful fabrics and waterproof materials, she creates unique designed tailored to your surfing needs.

Daniel Espirito Santo

The extremely gifted and self-taught photographer, Daniel Espirito Santo, will take out on a thoughtful adventure with his captivating images. He creates emphatic and intimate atmospheres through stunning nature scapes and various subjects.

“The ocean always remains the essence of my photography; I greatly admire its power, impermanence and elegance.  The art not only enables my self-expression but more importantly, it becomes a media for sharing and inviting to celebrate the unique chance of being alive.”

Annie Graham

Annie Graham is an American textile designer who moved to Peniche in 2013. Her patterns are inspired by symbols of the sacred, like temples and totems, and images of mother and child. She creates colourfully hypnotic collages from a myriad of different materials like this one:

“My vision is of a more ritualistic society, where adornment and pattern help make a connection to the spirit realm.  Pattern represents the essence of life: natural structures; vibrating energy; change and cycles. I'm inspired by humor, plant life, exoticism, and all things ocean.”

Take the time to peak at these artist’s incredible work and don’t forget to support your local artists!