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Home. Surf family. That's the idea!

We always welcome guests. Therefore, we are called Surf House.

It is based on the word "Home"
People come from all over the world, different cultures, different languages, traditions and habits. But in a week or two they all turn into one big family, live under the same roof, learn to surf together, share their impressions and children's emotions, have breakfast together and make barbecue, travel along the coast and fall in love with Portugal!

And then we get these film cards that describe the whole atmosphere of love which is in our house. Thanks guys for your art! And come to us again!

photo by Timur. Moscow.

Olympus XA2 \ Olympus MJU

September 2019

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Spotlight on Peniche's Local Artists

Peniche has attracted over the years quite a handful of creatives, making it a hub not only for surfing and delicious culinary treats, but also incredibly underrated artists. We wanted to shine a light on a handful of our favourite local artists you need to be introduced to.

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