A Day in the Life at Ferrel Surf House

Ever wonder what an average day at our surf house is like? Well today is your lucky day as we give you as sneak peak into daily life at the Ferrel Surf House.


Wakey, wakey! Breakfast is served. Including fresh bread from our local bakery and local produce to get you ready for a big day of surfing and sun.


The van is packed with boards and wetsuits and we are heading out the the best break of the day. We’re divided in two group lessons, one with the beginners and one with the more intermediate to advanced surfers.


After enjoying a quick cup of coffee, putting on the wetsuits and doing a proper warm up, its surfing time!


Lunch Break! Refuel with a tosta on the beach at Bar da Praia and replenish yourself with a beer, an orange juice, a second coffee, a little nap or whatever your heart desires.


Second surf session! Paddle, paddle!


Enjoy a drink on the beach and drive back towards the house to clean the wetsuits and possibly take a quick shower! The rest of the afternoon is in your hands to enjoy a glass of wine by the pool or to go for a bike round around the coast.


Find a sweet spot to enjoy the sunset and enjoy a lovely meal after it sets.

The rest of the night is up to you! Whether its a cozy night in with some tea and a movie or a few cocktails in some of our favourite local spots - just make sure you get enough rest to have all of your strength to surf tomorrow!

Rui Norte