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Any ideas for celebrating the New Year?
How about spending December 31 in the water enjoying the sunset surrounded by wonderful people?
How about celebrating the New Year with a surf family sharing a common spirit and lifestyle?
How about waking up on the morning of January 1 and running into the ocean, hugging a surfboard and smiling like a child?
How about starting your new year with a sense of freedom and openness, full of pure happiness and joy?
If this is absolutely what you dream about, contact us for details.

Join us for the New Year surfing in Peniche- the best surf spot in Portugal!

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COME TO ENJOY “Rip Curl Pro Portugal 2019” with us!

In October, journey to Portugal to watch the world’s top professional surfing competition.

With participation by the world’s leading surfers, Rip Curl Pro Portugal – a competition included within the WSL – World Surf League Tour – will be held in Peniche that at this time of year offer the best conditions for hosting surfing competitions.

The Rip Curl Pro Portugal will take place from October 16th to 28th.

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Spotlight on Peniche's Local Artists

Peniche has attracted over the years quite a handful of creatives, making it a hub not only for surfing and delicious culinary treats, but also incredibly underrated artists. We wanted to shine a light on a handful of our favourite local artists you need to be introduced to.

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