Why Our Lessons Are The Best in Town

When faced with so many choices of surf schools and camps, it can sometimes be hard to decipher which one stands out among the rest. Which one’s instructors will truly care to see you progress and succeed while being knowledgeable about the proper technique and surroundings, which one’s equipment is of better quality and is tailored to you, and, ultimately, the one you will leave knowing that you have had an incredible experience to take home with you.

As Peniche, Portugal is the best surfing spot in all of Europe, there are naturally quite a few surf houses to choose from — but don’t fret, we’re here to show you why Ferrel Surf House is, in fact, just the place for you.

Located in Ferrel, Portugal, we are in the adjoining town to the famous “Baleal Beach,” known for its incredible conditions year round. We hold two daily surf lessons everyday specifically designed for your surfing level and we also provide you with a board and wetsuit chosen to best fit you and the day’s conditions from our wide range of equipment.

We understand that for some the idea of a big wave crashing over you can be daunting, which is why it is important to have instructors who know the waters and who you can trust to keep you safe, while also providing you with every tool you need to properly paddle, get up on that board and cruise! Our surf instructors are highly trained locals who surf in the surrounding breaks practically every day and have over thirty years of experience in the water. Here is a little bit about them to get you better acquainted;

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Rui Norte

If you see someone in the water surfing with his board upside down, backwards and ending every wave in a big superman-like jump in the air, chances are you’ve spotted Rui! Owner and Manager of the Ferrel Surf House, Rui is a 43 year old Portuguese free surfer, local to Peniche - his favourite surf spot in the world - for the past 20 years. He loves to teach and believes that surfing “changes us and makes us better people.” His love for music and food is contagious. He cares so much about his students and their success and will see that your goals become a reality.

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Pedro Feliciano

If there is anyone you can feel safe with in the Portuguese waters, its Pedro. Born in South Africa and from Lisbon, he has been surfing for 30 years and has over 10 years of teaching experience under his belt in both surfing and cross-fit. If you’re taking a lesson with Pete, every wave you’re surfing on will be handpicked with an incredible eye and understanding of the ocean and you better believe that no one will dare to cut you off. Whatever mentality or perception about surfing you arrive to his lesson with will rightfully be replaced by something more along the lines of “surfing is the most present moment I’ve ever felt.”

It goes without saying that a lot of our guests have returned again and again. Some more than we can count with both our hands. We’ve had clients from Syria to Ireland, Olympic athletes, and have gotten people who have never surfed to reach the line up and catch waves in under a week. We’ve also had students who have been taking lessons for years, but have never been able to properly translate their skills past the lessons they have previously taken to finally start surfing on their own terms.

Our instructors take the time and the patience to guide you through the different steps and to watch you on each wave to help improve your stance and your timing. We also have an in house photographer and videographer who captures you in action so that we can properly analyze your performance and give you in depth feedback.

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Above, is our student Valeria catching on her sixth day with us!

And If we haven’t gotten you on board yet, here are a few testimonials left by some of our previous students:

“The place to enjoy the perfect surf vacation along the beautiful portuguese coast. Super cozy house with nice interior design and everything else you need after a good day of surfing on the finest surfspot in europe. Not to forget the awesome host and surf instructor Rui. A great guy who exactly knows how to interact with you individual and can push you to your best. Local surfer that loves and lives the surf life. Will come back for sure.” Nick, Google Reviews

“Incredible teachers and an unforgettable atmosphere! Second time I'm coming back and it won't be the last. Rui and his crew are absolute legends. And what a stunning house and service.” Matthew, Google Reviews

“I found liaising with the surf house prior to arrival was very quick, seamless and accommodating - sorry for the pun...

Upon arrival, my first impressions of the place were that it was very clean, welcoming and laid back. My room was good and pretty much what you expect for a surf house. 

The Class sizes were small which allowed the surf instructor (Rui and Pedro) to observe and critique each surfer - because of this I believe I learnt more in this week than any other place I have been. There was a real assurance that they knew what you had come for, and with great professionalism they challenged me to improve. They genuinely know what they are talking about and how to navigate Peniche for the best surf. As a place to learn to surf or to improve I really can't recommend them enough! They get the job done! 

As part of the lessons, boards and wetsuits are naturally supplied, however, Ferrel's Surf House gear was of very good quality when I went and well maintained, a subtle hint of the professionalism of the place.  

The staff are amicable and I felt there was genuine sincerity from them that I and the others had a good time. With their local knowledge they pretty much know everything about where to go in the evenings to chill out or where to eat so post lessons the fun doesn't stop :)

Overall, I really don't you could go wrong if you stayed at Ferrel Surf House. Highly recommended :)”
Mike, TripAdvisor

“I’ve been to Ferrel Surf House 3 times, and I am coming back again and again to get this awesome surf experience.
Perfect location to reach the different spots and surf all around Peniche. Breathtaking views, the nature!
I believe that I improved my surfing skills thanks to Rui, who knows how to teach, motivate and push you close to your limits so that you can progress.
The House itself is basically my second home, so comfy, relaxed, clean and I love the design.”
Julia, Tripadvisor

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