Time to introduce our teachers. The world must know the heroes personally!

Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.
Surf Instructor Peniche

Rui Norte

If you see someone in the water surfing with his board upside down, backwards and ending every wave in a big superman-like jump in the air, chances are you’ve spotted Rui! Owner and Manager of the Ferrel Surf House, Rui is a Portuguese free surfer, local to Peniche - his favourite surf spot in the world - for the past 20 years. He made the Surf House with love and you can feel it in each detail. He enjoys to work with wood, that’s why the surf house is full of cozy decorations made by Rui! He loves to teach and believes that surfing “changes us and makes us better people.”
He cares so much about his students and their success. That is way all guests call him «the kindest instructor». Rui has students from all over the world, Olympic athletes and has gotten people who have never surfed before. He has also had students who have been taking lessons for years, coming again and again, because they trust him. The main goal of Rui is to create a big surf family, a community and people, who will always come back and progress, people, who really want to know how to surf. As he says: «Surfing is easy… when you know how to do that».

Surf Instructor Penice

Pedro Feliciano

If there is anyone you can feel safe with in the Portuguese waters, its Pedro. I have never seen an instructor who would protect the space of his students so much and who loves to teach so strongly. Born in South Africa and from Lisbon, he has been surfing for 30 years and has over 10 years of teaching experience in both surfing and cross-fit. He is a good psychologist as well. It is unbelievable, but Pedro observes everyone in the water. Whatever mentality or perception about surfing you arrive to his lesson you will definitely get more than just surfing. You will get a philosophy of life as Pedro shares his wisdom with those who are ready to take it. He teaches you do not expect anything, do not be upset about your progress, do not be obsessed about results. Let you be in the present moment and enjoy it. Trust the ocean and yourself. Relax, avoid panic and respect people in the water more than your ambitions. This is the main rule.

Surf Instructor Peniche

Veronica Silva

The small, but very strong woman! The youngest instructor of our school, but has absolutely amazing power. Veronica was born in Portugal, in the small village near by Lisbon, has been surfing since 15 years old and fell in love with the ocean forever. You can feel her passion when she is talking about a philosophy of surf and teaches, taking care about each student. Smiling, open mind and charming girl who has graduated ESDRM which is a Portuguese public higher education school, integrated in the Polytechnic Institute of Santarem. Veronica has been taking the course of Surf Instructor and Sport Tourism during 2 years. And before she was studying Sports Management in high school. During that time, she also was doing a personal trainer course in Lisbon. As you understand Veronica has a brilliant base of complete knowledge. And believe me, you definitely can feel it during her surf lessons.

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