Why Peniche is the Best Place to Learn How To Surf

So you’ve decided you want to learn how to surf - or you’ve even tried it once or twice in the past but never took the time to properly learn - you’re sitting at home wondering, where on earth am I going with this? Can I even do this?

Little do you know, there is a place on the globe, just one hour north of Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, where you can turn these thoughts into a reality. A peninsula surrounded by surf spots that work at almost any given swell and wind direction, making for consistent conditions to learn and practice surfing all year round. An array of breaks suited to all surfing levels and skill sets. Sandy beaches free of coral reefs, rocks, sharks, jellyfish, sea urchins and everything you wish to avoid while learning the basics or perfecting your technique.

Peniche, Portugal - more specifically, Baleal beach.

Now that you have the spot, you’re wondering, “Where on earth will I stay? Take lessons? Rent equipment? Eat?”

Located in the adjoining town of Baleal beach, Ferrel Surf House is a cozy and contemporary home where you can enjoy all of the perks of being in a Portuguese town, all of the intimacy you wouldn’t particularly get in the average surf camp, daily surf training tailored specifically to you by local and knowledgable instructors and a spectacular view of the sunset every night.

“The Class sizes were small which allowed the surf instructors to observe and critique each surfer - because of this I believe I learnt more in this week than any other place I have been. There was a real assurance that they knew what you had come for, and with great professionalism they challenged me to improve. They genuinely know what they are talking about and how to navigate Peniche for the best surf. As a place to learn to surf or to improve I really can't recommend them enough! They get the job done! 

As part of the lessons, boards and wetsuits are naturally supplied, however, Ferrel's Surf House gear was of very good quality when I went and well maintained, a subtle hint of the professionalism of the place.  

The staff are amicable and I felt there was genuine sincerity from them that I and the others had a good time.”
Mike, TripAdviso


Now that we’ve answered all of your lingering questions about your upcoming surf trip, there’s nothing left to do but to join us out into the waves and enjoy yourself! Send us a note below with any questions and booking concerns - we can’t wait to show you the way.

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