Once upon a time, Ferrel was a land of pirates and mysterious sailors who used the local cliffs to hide the loot of their ocean treasures. The town of approximately 3000 people, has a unique charm that combines ocean and countryside. It is a place riddled with farmers, fishermen and, more recently, people from all over the world who decided to stay after falling head over heals for the town. Among them, adventurers, travellers, artists and surfers.

Come and discover our tales and write your own story here in Ferrel.



Long beautiful coastlines, sandy shores and an ocean with a distinct personality. This is what you will find here, so grab your sunscreen and let’s catch some rays! It’s good for the soul.

Almagreira Beach

Almagreira Beach – The one closest to Ferrel Surf House, just 300 meters away. A beach with more than 1 km of sand line with cliffs cutting the landscape along the way. Perfect for a more quite day at the beach away from the buzz of Baleal.

Baleal North beach

Baleal (North) – Long sand line between the Baleal island (on the west), and “Pedras Muitas” (on the east) with a rocky shore.

Baleal South beach

Baleal (South) – Baleal Bay (baía), calm waters and a broad and long sand line surrounded by dunes. Plenty of laces to park where you can and many places to have a snack, a meal or a drink. Gets crowded during the summer months but you can easily find a place to relax. Great spot to watch the sunset!

Supertubos beach

Supertubos –  or Medão Grande beach. Iconic beach very famous for its waves. Long sand line with the village of Consolação on one side and Peniche on the other. This is where the Surf World Championship Tour (WTC) comes for a stage in October! Feel free to join the professionals.




Beach break with good left and right peaks. Some rocks at low tide. Waves up to 2 meters ( 6 feet). Swell from North and West.


Both right hand and left hand peaks. Beach break with long and muscular waves. Good spot to surf alone with waves up to 2 meters. Swell from the North.


Long lefts with reef bottom. Fat wave but very entertaining to surf. Swell from the North and Northwest. Works better at half-tide.

Cantinho da Baía

Ideal for beginners. Right-hand and left-hand beach break. The most consistent surf spot all year round. Swell from Northwest.

Praia Norte

Long sandy beach with several peaks along the bay. Good for beginners. Works with big swells. Better at low tide.

Molhe Leste

Right-hand point break on sandy bottom due to the pear on the East side. Long tubular sections with great waves for both surfers and bodyboarders.


As the name suggests, classic tubular waves resembling Pipeline. The crown jewel of Peniche for more seasoned surfers! Sandy bottom with waves that can go up to five meters (14,5 feet). Swell from the South and West.



While surfing may be your main priority, there are so many other things you can do you while you are staying with us!


Go for a daily tour to the island of Berlengas, a Natural reserve just 10km from Peniche. A virtually unspoiled island with pedestrian walks
that lead you to the Fortress of S. João Baptista with charming
grottoes hidden among the spectacular landscape. A landmark!


The medieval town of Óbidos lies just 18km away from us. An 8th century
settlement with a castle and walls that still stand to this day. One of
UNESCO´S literary villages, you can find several libraries as well as
unique monuments beautifully preserved from the last millennia. One
of the town’s hallmarks is the Medieval Market that happens every year during the month of July - and don’t forget to have a glass of Ginja de
Óbidos while you are there!

Caldas da Rainha

Next to Óbidos stands the city of Caldas da Rainha. A thermal city
from the 15th century with a charming park and a vibrant historical
center. The perfect place to go for some shopping, catch a movie, a concert or a play in one of the best theatres of the country.


Once just a small fishing town 30km north from Peniche, Nazaré is now one of the most important spots for big wave surfing in the world! It was here that Garrett McNamara caught a 78 foot (24 meter) wave, the biggest ever caught to that date and in January 2013. He caught an even bigger one, 100 foot (30 meter) wave putting him and Nazaré in the Guinness Book of World Records. Do you want to miss out the opportunity to catch a glimpse of this wonder of nature? By the way, McNamara actually lives in Nazaré nowadays so there´s a good chance of meeting him there just by checking the coast line or having a coffee in one of the several cool spots by the sea.


Urban and cosmopolitan, voted one of the best cities in the
world to visit is just 80km away from Peniche. The light of this city is something else! Visit “Chiado”, “Rossio” or take a stroll by the Tagus river in
Belém. The old and the new, the ancient and the modern meet in this
vibrant capital. Go to Alfama, and listen to Fado, visit Jerónimos
Monastery, try a “Pastel de Belém” or just relax in one of the many
great restaurants and bars this city has to offer. It is said that Ulisses
himself, while traveling around the world, fell in love with the land and
decided to stay hence founding Lisbon. Maybe you can also fall in
love, who knows?



In Ferrel/ Baleal

Bar da Praia - Right on the beach facing the Peniche Bay (Baia), an iconic place for a snack after a surf session or a swim. Natural juices, toasts, light meals or just a cold beer, all of these just 20 meters away from the sea!

Tasca do Ganhão – Located on the Baleal island. Ideal for a light meal, Portuguese tapas and seafood.

Cantina – Cozy Italian restaurant. Great environment for an enjoyable dinner after a day at the beach.

Funky Donkey – Stone oven cooked pizzas, Italian style! Small and charming.

Bea´s Tostas  - All kinds of homemade toasts made with the love of a great family. Fresh squeezed juices, hamburgers, piadinas, açaí bowls are also on the menu. Perfect spot for a quick lunch and a laugh.

Caseirinha – Feel like going for some chicken? This is the place to go. Affordable, tasty and filling. That’s their motto!

In Peniche

Tasca do Joel – Traditional Portuguese cuisine, with fresh fish and seafood. Great wine cellar!

Miradum – One of the best places to eat sea food, especially lobster and shrimp. Always fresh, definitely worth visiting.

Xakra Beach – Lovely restaurant on the Molhe Leste beach with a sublime ocean view. Ideal for light meals, snacks and drinks. Fresh fish and local products from local producers.

Nau dos Corvos -  Perfect restaurant for a more upscale meal. Located on the top of Carvoeiro Cape. The view is breathtaking! Fantastic cuisine with a superb cellar.



The Base – Chill bar with a huge range of cocktails and beers. Perfect for a drink before dinner while contemplating the classic Baleal sunset.

Baleal Cocktail  - This bar is the oldest in this region, owned by an exuberant half french/half portuguese character, Gil. Classic and modern cocktails, live music, darts. Ideal to start the night with a fresh beer and some moves at the sound of Disco and Caribbean music.

Bar da Praia  - Again, but this time with a disco mood. Party hard (or not that hard) until dawn! DJ sets, beautiful people, great mood for a great night out in Baleal. All of this right on the beach!

Danau – Next to Bar da Praia, is Danau. Live Music, DJ sets, and lots of dancing! Enjoy your night out at Baleal!


What are you waiting for? Join us at the Ferrel Surf House.
A Unique experience for a unique mind.